‘Stop asking why I’m leaving’: Luyanda Zwane on ‘Sibongile and Dlaminis’


‘Stop asking why I’m leaving’: Luyanda Zwane on ‘Sibongile and Dlaminis’

PHOTOS: ‘Ya’ll don’t know what I went through,’ says frustrated ‘Sibongile and The Dlaminis’ actress Luyanda Zwane.

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Talented actress Luyanda Zwane opens up about leaving Mzansi Wethu’s telenovela, Sibongile and The Dlaminis‘.


The Sibongile and The Dlaminis actress Luyanda Zwane took to her Instagram on Wednesday, 19 June to reveal why she left.


“Me when they said I’m full of myself and difficult when I didn’t go to the watch party. Meantime I was at the hospital watching the first episode with my grandmother who was dying of cancer.”

“Me when that one old actor told extras that I’m faking being sick on set. When I was on oxygen and could barely breathe.”

Zwane also concluded her Instagram story by asking viewers to stop asking why she is leaving the show.

“Stop asking me why I’m leaving the show, ya’ll don’t know what I went through”.

An insider revealed to Zimoja that the actress was allegedly “tough to work with, and people had to navigate around her.”

Zwane states that people will always talk and have opinions. She also does not recall a single time she was a drama queen.

“People will always have opinions on how they experience you. I have never heard anyone on any set complain about me being a drama queen,” she told Zimoja.

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Actress Nsikelelo Mthiyane has taken over the role of Sibongile Mbamo in season two of Sibongile and The Dlaminis.

Mthiyane reveals to Sunday World that she joined an agency at the beginning of 2024 and was called to be an extra on the show.

“At the beginning of the year, I joined an agency for extras and was called to be an extra on Sibongile & The Dlamini’s because Zwane had already left.”

The actress adds that she was then given a script to audition during her wardrobe check. She had no idea she was replacing Luyanda Zwane who resigned as Sibongile.

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“It’s a surreal feeling because it is a replacement role, but I am grateful for the breakthrough because I finally get to do what I have always wanted to do,” says Mthiyane.

The 21-year-old adds that the Sibongile and Dlaminis cast members and production have been helpful in helping her get into character.

She didn’t think it would happen this way. She believes God has a way of placing you where you want to be in life.

“I too am excited to see how people are going to react when they finally see me on screen.”

Season two of Sibongile and The Dlaminis premieres in July on DStv’s Mzansi Wethu (channel 163).


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