Summary of Nandi Mbatha’s romantic relationships

Summary of Nandi Mbatha’s romantic relationships

Nandi Mbatha 2

Known for playing the role of Simlindile “Simi” Ngema in Isithembiso so flawlessly that you would think the role was created specifically for her, Nandi Mbatha is one of the fresh talents on TV that we all can’t get enough of.

Besides being a talented actress, the gorgeous Nandi Mbatha is also a model and while she is celebrated for her work, her personal life is also something of interest, and one of the most asked questions about her is “who is Nandi Mbatha’s boyfriend?”

Since coming to the limelight, Nandi Mbatha has been linked to several high profile celebrities in South Africa and although she did not publicly acknowledge being in many of the relationships that she was alleged to be in, our social media police are anything but lazy and when they set out to work, they always do a thorough work. And after collecting evidence they always unveil the truth.

Here is everything you didn’t know about Nandi Mbatha’s boyfriend as well as her relationship timeline from when she came to the limelight.

Who is Nandi Mbatha’s boyfriend?

Nandi Mbatha with Junior Khathi, source: Instagram
Nandi Mbatha

The man believed to be Nandi Mbatha’s boyfriend right now is rapper Junior Khathi, aka Tank The Rockstar who also happens to be DJ Tira’s eldest son.

Speculations that Junior Khathi is Nandi Mbatha’s boyfriend began making rounds towards the end of 2020 when netizens noticed that the two were hanging out more than usual and Junior posted a series of photos of them together on Instagram.

Although a section of fans believed that the two were only working together on Junior Khathi’s song Best Friend, others thought that the chemistry between them was more than that of just friends.

To date, both Nandi Mbatha’s boyfriend (alleged) and herself have neither denied nor confirmed their dating rumours.

Nandi Mbatha and Naak Musiq

Before her alleged current relationship with Junior Khathi, Nandi Mbatha was in a very lowkey relationship with a close friend of Junior Khathi’s father- Naak Musiq.

Nandi Mbatha and Naak Musiq dated in 2020 and we came to know about it after our dedicated social media police discovered Nandi Mbatha’s photo with a man whose face had been blurred but had a tattoo on his leg. Their investigations revealed that Naak Musiq had the same tattoo and the case was closed when Naak Musiq posted a photo of himself dressed in the same outfit as the mysterious man in Nandi’s photo.

Although the two ex-lovers kept their relationship very private, their breakup was quite public. In October 2020, Naak Musiq and Nandi Mbatha parted ways and it was reported that Naak Musiq allegedly asked her to leave his house. We still do not know why the two broke up.

Nandi Mbatha and Tellaman

Nandi Mbatha 1

Musician Thelumusa Samuel Owen, aka Tellaman, was the first of Nandi Mbatha’s boyfriends who was publicly known.

It is not clear exactly when the two started dating but the two went public sometime in May 2019 after they started cosying up to each other on social media with romantic comments accompanied by heart emojis.

Nandi Mbatha and Tellaman’s relationship was quite short-lived and within a matter of months, the two had called quits on their relationship.

Although neither of them ever revealed the real reason for their breakup, sources claimed that Tellaman was too busy with his career and businesses and he didn’t have time for dating at the time. Since it has never been confirmed, it shall remain to be nothing but speculation.

Nandi Mbatha and Mpho Motsi

Nandi Mbatha 2

After her relationship with Tellaman, Nandi Mbatha found love in the arms of a junior creative director at Quiteria Atelier called Mpho Motsi.

The two revealed to Drum Magazine that they met at Quiteria Atelier studio where Nandi Mbatha had gone for a fitting. The two got talking and realized that they had so much in common.

Despite the connection, the two were only together for a few months before they parted ways privately.

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