Surprise Brickz returned and appeared on the tik tok

Surprise Brickz returned and appeared on the tik tok

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Convicted Kwaito star Brickz is keeping his music career alive in jail. The star World Health Organization has since joined the jail gospel choir is enjoying himself.

It looks his fame is spoiling high. He has created his Tik Tok debut!

This song i really like it dankie bricks maBrigado God could keep you safe brassiere #bricks

♬ original sound – Martin_Lethu

Brickz was one amongst the most important stars in South Africa before he got guilty of rape, the hitmaker was found guilty by a court of law for raping a seventeen year recent relative in 2013. The victim World Health Organization cannot be named as a result of she was a minor enclosed associate degree emotional letter wherever she reveals that she blames herself for the incident and additionally wonders why her own uncle would rape her.

Throughout a three-year court battle, the musician still maintains that he’s innocent of any wrongdoing. browse the sorrowful letter below.

Ever since the incident, I’ve ne’er felt constant and my life isn’t traditional. I simply became thus down and not participated in conversations with my surroundings. the items you probably did to Pine Tree State, I blame myself, I blame God however the reality is it’s all of your fault. you will be about to jail however grasp that you simply have broken Pine Tree State. I didn’t live sort of a traditional stripling and a part of Pine Tree State has been got rid of.

You took away my precious gift and typically I simply raise myself If i will be able to ever live a traditional life as a result of what you probably did to Pine Tree State, very affected Pine Tree State. I hardly sleep in the dead of night as a result of typically I actually have dreams of you raping Pine Tree State and it’s terribly heart-breaking that able to|i’ll} ne’er be able to be pleased with myself as a result of I desire i’m nothing. you actually skint my heart and currently I can’t even trust anyone and trust is extremely vital however you took that removed from Pine Tree State.

You took away my happiness and that i may be happy currently however later i will be able to get flashbacks that may ne’er get away. i will be able to be having them till the top of my life. I want that you simply may place yourself in my shoes and feel the disappointment in Pine Tree State without delay.

Malume you’ve got broken Pine Tree State deeply and that i cant place everything that i’m feeling into writing however my heart is trauma of anger disappointment and brokenness. I trustworthy you and treated you prefer my father. after I cry in the dead of night I raise myself what did I ever do for you to come back and rape Pine Tree State. i’ll not be happy as I wont to be before however i need you to raise yourself nightly why is it that you simply raped your own niece? Why did you break your niece’s heart? I wished you to treat Pine Tree State sort of a female offspring however didn’t.


This song I love it dankie bricks maBrigado God may keep you safe bra #bricks

♬ original sound – Martin_Lethu