Surprising: Musician Flabba’s family forgave his killer


Surprising: Musician Flabba’s family forgave his killer

The family of Flabba, a former Skwatta Kamp member and musician, is attempting to forgive the woman convicted of his murder. Seven years ago, on March 9, South Africa awoke to the terrible news that the rapper, whose given name was Nkululeko Habedi, had passed away at his Alexandra home. After an argument, the 38-year-old was stabbed once by his lover Sindisiwe Manqele.Image

Manqele is currently serving a 12-year prison sentence in the Johannesburg Correctional Centre, where she has been incarcerated since her March 2016 conviction and sentence. Tshepang Habedi, Flabba’s younger brother, told City Press on the anniversary of his brother’s death that he still misses the man he looked up to.

For me, I usually divert myself on this day to avoid thinking about him excessively. Today, I am at work. On that day, I lost more than a brother; I lost a father. He was my father. Lesego Habedi, to whom he has devoted several songs on his albums, turns 19 this year. She recently graduated from high school and is taking a gap year.JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA â?? DECEMBER 9: Nkulule
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“Lesego wants to pursue a course in art because she is extremely book smart, just as her father was,” Tshepang said of his sister. While the rest of us at home are more streetwise, Lesego is more like her father. And because she enjoys drawing, that is when art comes into play. She keeps a large collection of drawings of us at home. She possesses talent.”

He noted that Lesego still weeps at the mention of her father’s name because she was young and fond of him at the time of his death.

Nolwazi Habedi’s mother spent the day in the High Profile Area of Johannesburg’s West Park Cemetery, where the rapper was laid to rest. Habedi is buried with Simba Mhere, Moroka Swallows assistant coach Dennis Lota, and Jacob “Baby Jake” Matlala, a former flyweight boxing champion.

Tshepang declared:

My mother visits his grave each year on the anniversary of his death, and then we, as boys, gather after work to toast him with a couple of Black Labels. Habedi was an ardent supporter of the Black Label. His ardent admirers may recall the single Letter to SAB (South African Breweries) from his 2006 album Nkuli vs Flabba, which was dedicated to the Black Label brewers.

“In October, on the anniversary of his birth, we will host a tribute concert in his honor. We do that each year, and a large number of artists come through to pay tribute to him.”

Skwatta Kamp, Habedi’s rap crew, regrouped three weeks ago and produced graphics for their current track – In the name of love. This year, they’re scheduled to release their latest album. Tshepang stated that the organization was a part of their lives. “We are still in communication with members of Skwatta Kamp. They contacted me to inform me of the release of their video. I believe it is an excellent music video. It gives me the impression that they haven’t forgotten him and that he is still alive.”See the source image

Manqele made waves in 2018 after graduating while incarcerated. She told eNCA she was reclaiming her life.

“There are numerous wrongs that I must correct. This is my attempt to make amends for wrongs committed. I want to come out as a better person, a better performer, and a better person. I’ve also always been interested about education; I was enrolled in classes before to my incarceration. My siblings look up to me. My cousins, nieces, and nephews are all very young. Additionally, I am a grandmother. These individuals look up to me.”

Tshepang has disclosed that Manqele is in contact with his mother and niece Lesego.
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“A few years ago, my mother paid a visit to Sindisiwe in prison. She requested that my mother visit her, which my mother did. She also wrote me a note inviting me to visit her, but I was unable to. My mum did indeed leave. “My mother and Lesego went on a trip together, and Lesego maintained contact with her; they have a relationship and correspond often. I also have nothing against her.”

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