Muvhango: Susan’s struggles are far from being over


Muvhango: Susan’s struggles are far from being over

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It looks like Susan has done the worst mistake of his life by chasing everyone out of the royal house because of things are starting to be tense in the house, as the spirits inside of this house hunt her every night after the fire that happened during the week which saw her lying down with his son.

But when the police arrived they were no fire in the house and this shows how risky her life is right now, she has to come up with a plan that will help her to overcome this challenge that she is currently facin the house which might affect his whole family.

But Mulumisi predicted this tho ha last and he told Azwindini about the problems that will affect.

But at the end, these bad things are going to happen to Susan and they are rumors that she might leave the show.

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