Suzy Eises walking down the aisle is the best thing you’ll see today

Suzy Eises walking down the aisle is the best thing you’ll see today

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Congratulations are in order for saxophonist Suzy Eises, who secretly tied the knot. In the midst of all the activities surrounding Heritage Day, Suzy was probably walking down the aisle and we wish her the best of luck.

While she did not reveal much about her wedding, she posted a picture of her holding a bouquet of flowers and captioned it, “Call me Mrs”. Suzy had previously thrown hints about soon getting married after she took to social media to share pictures of her bridal shower.

jolly_panda_adventures “Suzy! You make the most beautiful bride 😍 Congratulations! Can’t believe it’s the same lady who used to sit in Fdorm and play her sax on the cupboards. Hope you have a wonderful life together. x.”

Congratulations babe! ❤ So proud of you man! ❤ Uggh wow! ❤

mwa_nzonga “My sister is married 😍😍❤️congratulations”

What a beautiful woman you are!!! Blessings to you and Meldinoh.

Suzy and her man have been going strong for several years now. Announcing their engagement, Suzy posted Instagram a picture along with a noticeable rock on her finger with the caption “Real!” Although she did not divulge many details however word on the street has it that she got has engaged.

Suzy is known for being private and she does not necessarily post much about her bae on social media. Clearly, homegirl is head over heels in love with her bae because he has decided to put a ring on it.

Another couple that is set to walk down the aisle is Betty and Shapwa. They sent invitations cards and decided on the wedding date a few months ago but due to the lockdown restrictions, they were not able to host a wedding of their dream.


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“Regretfully and due to Covid restrictions that only permit 100 people per gathering, our wedding has been postponed,” they shared. The lovebirds went on to release new dates of their wedding, and the wedding is set to take place on 06- 07 August 2021 but it has been postponed again.

Betty was recently dragged by social media users after an Instagram user shared a picture with her and alleged that Betty invited her to her wedding. Taking to social media Betty poured called water to the claims and set the record straight that she is not even friends with the social media user.

Betty said she saw the lady at a service station and she asked to take a picture with her. “Chuckle some enough, this is an IG follower that went nutty/crazy after seeing me at the service station in Grootfontein and requested to have pictures of us taken. Nothing wedding-related was spoken about. I mean, it was my first time meeting this young lass. @_ka_la_lo_ve your caption is no needles; this is deplorable” Some even went as far as calling Betty a liar but she wasn’t bothered at all to keep on addressing the issue.