TakaTina1 lied to his mother and did not tell her that he was in the hospital


TakaTina1 lied to his mother and did not tell her that he was in the hospital

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TakaTina1 who is a social media sensation and local comedian that constantly puts smiles on people’s faces and gets people to share a laughter over his funny Twitter stories and the has the most outrageous responses to comments shared a heartbreaking resolution.

He recently shared a picture of messages between himself and his mother where he lied about his whereabouts to save his mother from heartbreak, stress and anxiety.

He stated that he hated lying to his mother. He did not tell her that he has been hospitalized. He believes that he has already stressed her out enough and on the previous night, when the ambulance arrived to pick him up, he asked his neighbours not to say anything to his mother.

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In the messages TakaTina1’s concerned mother says she has visited his place three times and he wasn’t available. He then states that he has left and forgot to send her a whatapp message because he has forgotten his charger. He then assures his mother that he is well.

TakaTina1 has been battling a terminal illness, a tumor, which causes him to constantly be in and out of hospital. This has put an enormous strain on his mother’s health. Yesterday he shared on his Twitter account that he had been admitted to hospital again.

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One tweep responded by sharing that he knew of someone who also never notified his loved ones about his declining health and when he passed on, it saddened his loved ones much more because they did not know and were not able to be with him through it all.

TakaTina1’s heartbreaking response was that he knows, but his mother has had enough of him being in and out of hospitals. He was only in the hospital a few days ago, didn’t even stay outside for a week and now he is back again, it’ll kill her.

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