Famous star has fallen. Tamara Jozi passed away on August 10th.

A famous star has fallen. Tamara Jozi passed away on August 10th.

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We learned about Killa Kau and Mpura’s deaths just a few days ago. They died in a vehicle accident. Given how young they were and how much they still had to offer the profession, this was the saddest moment. In just a few days, we learn of Tamara Jozi’s death for the second time.

Tamara Jozi passed away on August 10th. Tamara Jozi was a well-known television personality. Many people may recall her from the commercial in which she asks the question, “When are you getting married?”

Rhythm City, Society, and After 9 were among the many TV shows in which she appeared. Her death was revealed by her daughter, and many others learnt about it through social media, with many more sending messages of love and support. We need to begin honoring our artists while they are still living. You never know what will happen the next day.

We will miss her terribly, particularly the advertisement asking when she was getting married for those of us who didn’t know her directly. The circumstances behind her death are unknown at this time, and the family will provide any information when it becomes available.

Please give her family the time and space they need to grieve in peace.


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