#TeamPineapple: Siphosethu Colo Dishes on Teaming up with Ntando Duma is the four-team to be eliminating from Tropika Island of Treasure


#TeamPineapple: Siphosethu Colo Dishes on Teaming up with Ntando Duma is the four-team to be eliminating from Tropika Island of Treasure

They’ve been a fan-favorite from the very start of the season but in the week, #TeamPineapple (Ntando Duma and Siphosethu Colo) found themselves being the fourth team eliminated from this season of Tropika Island of Treasure Curaçao. They leave #TeamCoolRed (Nadia Jaftha and Trevor Lagerway) and #TeamMangoPeach (Siphesihle Vazi and Darren Solomon) to battle it calls at the grand finale for that shared R1 million grand prize.

The Final Long-Life Ceremony

It was another exciting episode of Tropika Island of Treasure Curaçao which picked up at the ultimate Long-Life Ceremony where Team Mango Peach stunned the opposite teams by giving Team Cool Red their point after alongside alliance members Team Pineapple. needless to say, Team Cool Red opted to offer their point after to Team Pineapple.

In a bid to urge the ultimate Long-Life charm, which provides a team a 30-second advantage should they create it into the finale, Team Mango Peach and Team Cool Red, because the two teams with the foremost points on the leaderboard, competed during a challenge which needed one team member to fling ping pong balls into the air employing a towel while the opposite had to catch the balls employing a bowl? within the two-minute period, both Team Cool Red and Team Mango Peach caught seven balls. To even out the playing field, the sport was played again. This time, however, the deadline was just 30 seconds. Team Cool Red came out victorious catching 7 balls while Team Mango Peach only managed to catch two balls earning Team Cool Red yet one more Long-Life charm. Team Cool Red is now the holder of 4 Long-Life charms.

Kayak Canons

In Tropika Island of Treasure, twists are almost certain and host Katlego Maboe threw a huge curveball at the remaining teams as he announced that subsequent challenge would function an elimination challenge – and therefore the team at rock bottom of the leaderboard would be going home. In Kayak Canons, teams were required to urge a water pistol from a station and run bent a get-up Paddleboard where one teammate would row while the opposite sits at the rear with their water pistol. The teams needed to paddle bent a group of three plinths where they might shoot rubber ducks off their respective platforms. Each team had one golden duck that needed to be shot off first. Once all the ducks had been shot off, the teams had to paddle back to shore where they needed to finish a puzzle.

As the teams headed bent shoot their ducks off the plinth, Team Mango Peach struggled to stay their SUP within the demarcated zone and after shooting off a duck while their SUP was within the zone scored themselves a 30-second freeze. Team Cool Red shot all their ducks off the platform first and got a huge head-start on the puzzle. Team Mango Peach finished second while Team Pineapple shot all their targets off last.

The puzzle proved to be a challenge for all three teams but Team Cool Red continued their streak by solving it first. very similar to with the primary a part of the challenge, Team Mango Peach solved the puzzle second and Team Pineapple completed the puzzle last. Having rock bottom amount of points on the leaderboard, Team Pineapple became the fourth team to be eliminated from the series leaving Team Cool Red and Team Mango Peach to battle it calls at the grand finale.

Now, Siphosethu Colo exposes about his Tropika Island of Treasure experience:

Your Team Pineapple teammate was Ntando. What was she like as a partner?

I couldn’t have asked for a far better teammate! There was instant chemistry between us during our “speed date” session at the start of the show and from there I could see us being a solid team. We each brought different strengths to the competition and that we gave it our greatest until the very end.

What was the toughest thing you experienced during some time on the show?

The challenges! Every single challenge, while such a lot of fun, was tough in varying ways. That said, my favorite challenge had to be the one Ntando and that I placed first in – the blindfold challenge. This was teamwork at its best where I had to trust my partner entirely and follow here.