Tearful Expresso Morning Show team bids farewell to Zoe Brown.

Tearful Expresso Morning Show team bids farewell to Zoe Brown.

Goodbyes are never easy, especially when friends become family. Presenter Zoe Brown had become a permanent fixture on our screens as the S3 morning show Expresso co-host.

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After presenting the show for nine years, the newlywed announced she would leave Expresso and the country to start a new adventure in Sydney, Australia with her husband Robbie Anderson.

Sharing a clip from their final episode bidding Zoe goodbye on Instagram, the Expresso team wrote: “Goodbyes aren’t forever.”

The post showed Zoe hugging with cast and crew members, but the hardest must have been her final moments with co-host Carl Wastie, with whom she shared the screen and radio mic for several years.

GoodHope FM presenter Carissa Cupido will replace Zoe on Expresso Morning Live.

“Being allowed to wake up in South Africa every day is a God-given dream, I feel so honoured to take on this chapter; every step in my career has led me to this moment,” Carissa shared via an official statement.

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When announcing the news of her move, Zoe assured her fans she was not pregnant, “but we are moving to Sydney, Australia next month! Robbie got a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and I’m taking a little hiatus until I figure out what I want to do.”

The stress of their move has taken its toll on the couple and their two cats as Zoe said their fur babies would have to stay in a cattery, and then quarantine once they reach Australia.

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