Teas spilled. Somizi is ready to expose the real truth

Teas spilled. Somizi is ready to expose the real truth

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Radio and television personality Somizi Mhlongo dropped yet one more important message for his followers. In today’s video Somizi was talking about the importance of being in tune together with your ancestors and your spirituality.

He said the message was specifically for people that believe African traditional practices, ancestors, and people who acknowledge the existence of the spirits of their ancestors.

“I want to form it clear, i’m not lecture people that worship because there’s a difference… I acknowledge my ancestors, they exist, they live within me, but I only worship God. The ancestors are a part of my blood, my veins, my existence they’re my father, my mother…”

He said people realize as they grow old why a number of the items they hoped for don’t happen the way they expected. He added that sometimes people lose those closest to their hearts because their ancestors know what’s good for them.
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“Growing up we realize why certain things don’t happen, why we don’t get certain jobs, or why certain people we thought are getting to be with us for a lifetime, either friends or relatives or partners, they leave us or we leave them.

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“There are some things that we deem granted, that your ancestors will fight your battles, they’re going to guide you, protect you, enlighten which happens once we lose certain folks that we thought they’re our rides or die because our ancestors see what we can’t see with our eye ,…They see the plots, the connivingness, jealousy and hate that our so-called either friends or soulmates hide from us.”

Wrapping up his video, Somizi encouraged people to be in tune with their spirituality. He said if you’re in tune, you’ll understand things that are happening in your life.

“I am saying to you, be in tune together with your spirituality, be in tune together with your ancestors in order that you recognize that sometimes certain things need to happen for you to maneuver to a different level. If you’re spiritually in tune you’ll understand that immediately.”
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Recently Somizi celebrated 4 million followers on Instagram. He thanked his followers for the love and support.

He wrote: “It’s been a tremendous journey thus far here on Instagram…4 MILLION OF U LATER. Thanks for the love support tears laughter and more. Here’s to a far better tomorrow. Now to prove that you’re here…..how about u each give me R1. i want a shelter in Clifton Cape Town in order that would cover the ten deposit lol.”