Tebogo Lerole’s Advice Khanyi Mbau: Take Time Out and find your inner fire

Tebogo Lerole’s Advice Khanyi Mbau: Take Time Out and find your inner fire

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Opening up to the media about his separation with Khanyi, Tebogo partook in an extended Instagram post that he adored Khanyi and figured they would be together forever. Even though they are not together any longer, he has no second thoughts and expectations she gets whatever she is looking for.

Tebogo Lerole is notable for having dated Mbau for such countless years before and he as of late responded to Khanyi Mbau’s most dubious relationship with her Zimbabwean sweetheart Kudzai Mushonga.

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She has consistently had history to date the absolute most affluential men in the business. Anyway, the truth star has done it indeed following her long-term relationship with performer and finance manager Tebogo Lerole that additionally went to an around June last year.

Having not itemized what precisely caused the separation, it seems like they had an agreeable division and there is no animosity between them.
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As of late Khanyi arrived at the highest point of the patterns following her excursion to Dubai with Mushonga that finished with her dumping her man and flying back to Mzansi solo. Kudzai spilled his guts on Instagram when uncovering that he had dropped Khanyi off at the salon and was sitting tight for her approval to get her.

Tebogo who is Khanyi’s ex has now contacted her amid the circumstance that she is proceeding with her present beau and has offered her a suggestion when it comes to dating.

The Kwela Tebza bunch part took to his Instagram and labeled Khanyi on a post asserting that he is happy that she is home safe and proposed that she remove some time from the dating game for a little.

This has by one way or another wound up causing responses via online media and a large portion of his adherents were shocked with regards to why he would in any case show some consideration towards the disturbed performer.