The mother who gave birth to 10 twins, Teboho Tsotetsi is finally talking.

 The mother who gave birth to 10 twins, Teboho Tsotetsi is finally talking.


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The reported birth of the world’s first decuplets has left the wife of the babies’ father depressed. Sibongile Gxekwa said her husband, Teboho Tsotetsi, cheated on her with the babies’ mother, Gosiame Thamara Sithole. Gxekwa said the news broke her psychologically. When the news of the birth of 10 babies to a Tembisa woman broke, the feat was celebrated round the world. But for Sibongile Gxekwa, 47, it collapsed her world because the babies’ father, Teboho Tsotetsi, is her husband. Earlier in the week, Pretoria News reported that Gosiame Thamara Sithole, 37, gave birth to decuplets at an undisclosed Pretoria hospital. But within the days that followed, the birth became shrouded in mystery. No public or private facility would confirm the delivery or care of the babies. On Thursday, Gxekwa poured her heart bent the publication and said that Tsotetsi started seeing Sithole behind her back in 2020. “He even went as far as going out almost every evening and returned within the wee hours of the morning,” said Gxekwa. “When he started his escapades of going out in the dark, I confronted him about the cheating. I told him that the person he was seeing was either staying alone or residing together with her parents. At the time, I didn’t know who she was.” Gxekwa said: He ultimately impregnated her.

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I recently learned that she was pregnant with eight children. She also has other children, including triplets, aside from the twins the media has reported about. My husband even asked for prayers from his church for his girlfriend to offer birth to healthy children. Once it had been announced that Sithole was pregnant, the Tsotetsi family turned against Gxekwa, she said. Gxekwa said she was told that the decuplets were in incubators at a hospital in Pretoria. “He has not told me anything about his new 10 children. He promised that we might mention his new children upon his return from Cape Town on Wednesday. He has ordered me to not speak to the media about this matter. He has threatened to chase me far away from our marital home.” While Gxekwa lives in their marital range in Tembisa, Sithole moved in with Tsotetsi’s mother in the Lifateng section, Tembisa. Tsotetsi lives between the 2 houses, Gxekwa claims. I dated my husband once I was 15 years old. In 2006, he completed his lobola on behalf of. Since the news broke, I even have not been feeling well. this complete situation has depressed me. We are both unemployed.


My children and that i survive on the cash we receive from my parents. Both a relative and a lover confirmed to the publication that Gxekwa and Tsotetsi were married traditionally. Family spokesperson Makgoshi Maponyane, from branding company Facade Estillo, didn’t answer the publication’s calls and messages. Itirileng Matabane, a caretaker on the property where Sithole wont to rent an area, said she knew her as “Modiegi”. “She lived together with her two minor twins and a blood brother. Sithole features also told me that she has a set of triplets residing together with her relative in Soweto.

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i used to be surprised once I heard that she had born to decuplets due to the dimensions of her stomach. “After falling pregnant, her tummy started growing and prevented her from walking. She was walking using crutches. She told people in Esangweni that she was expecting sextuplets. She disappeared without paying her two-month rent, and that we heard that she was residing in Lifateng section. I’m happy for her and hope that she is going to raise her decuplets with warmth and love,” Matabane said. Tsotetsi’s relative, Nonhlanhla Tsotetsi, said while she had not seen the youngsters yet, they were alive: We are happy for her.


God is great. we’ve never seen such a thing. this is often God’s miracle. We didn’t expect that she would give birth to decuplets. I heard that she was expecting either eight or nine children. I’m looking forward to assisting her in raising her newly born children. Raising 10 children isn’t child’s play. we’d like to assist our sister. My wish is for the youngsters to possess an enormous first birthday celebration. On Thursday, the Gauteng social development department was alleged to meet Sithole and her children but the meeting didn’t happen. Gauteng government spokesperson Thabo Masebe said they weren’t ready to trace Sithole and therefore the decuplets. On Wednesday, City of Ekurhuleni mayoral spokesperson Phakamile Mbengashe said the Tsotetsi family appointed a spokesperson to interact with the media and public. Patient confidentiality A senior lecturer at Wits University, Dr. Amy Wise, who may be a maternal and foetal subspecialist within the obstetrics and gynaecology department and acting head of the obstetrics and gynecology at the Rahima Moosa Mother and Child Hospital, said it had been possible that the birth slipped under the radar. “Patients’ medical information is private, therefore the doctors who were involved within the case wouldn’t are allowed to debate the case.


It’s not something that we discuss on a WhatsApp group. you’re not allowed to place people’s information out there.” Wise said that during a high-risk pregnancy like Sithole’s, the mother would need to be mentioned a high-risk care facility and receive scans every fortnight to watch the expansion of the babies. This would also assist in assessing the danger to the mother and babies. Sithole is claimed to possess born to 5 children naturally and therefore the other five via a C-section. “If it had been a planned birth, we might offer a Caesarean. But if someone went into labour fast, then she will give birth [email protected]” She said multiple pregnancy mothers had an increased risk of developing hypertension and diabetes. Wise said the medical team would ideally include one paediatrician and nurse per baby, who would work with two anesthetists, a surgeon and an assistant.


The babies are reported to possess been born at 29 weeks. Wise added that the decuplets might stay in hospital for a minimum of two months, and Sithole would only need a few of days to recuperate and be monitored for complications. Attempts to solicit comment from Tsotetsi were unsuccessful. Relatives directed the publication to Pretoria News editor Piet Rampedi, who they said was speaking on behalf of the family. “In December last year, he took Sithole and her minor twins to remain together with his mother. He often sleeps at his parental home and leaves our two young children and me. Our eldest daughter and her two children have relocated to his mother’s home.