Television Presenter Kamohelo Bombe lost R26 000 rand in a failed deal

Television Presenter Kamohelo Bombe lost R26 000 rand in a failed deal

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Television Presenter, Kamohelo Bombe says she has lost R26 000 in a business deal that went sour.

This comes after she ordered a mobile food trailer from Midi Khorombi, the founder of a company called In A Box in Randburg, but the trailer was allegedly not delivered.

Kamohelo from Joburg told the publication Midi is now giving her the run-around.

She said: “I strongly believe in supporting other black businesses. I gave them a chance after seeing their work on Instagram. I even went to their offices.”

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Kamohelo said she wanted the mobile food trailer as she recently opened an atchar and eggs shop in Soweto.

“I wanted to expand and open another one in Cosmo City that’s why I needed to buy the mobile food trailer that’s how I started doing my research and came across these guys on Instagram,” she said.

Kamohelo said she asked the company to build the mobile food trailer for her and she paid R26 000 but it was never delivered.

The People’s Paper has seen the proof of payment made by Kamohelo.

“I am hurt and wish I could turn back time. They don’t want to refund me.

“It’s a very sad situation. I work very hard for someone to just scam me like that. It’s not fair at all,” she said.

She added that she is not the only one who was in the same situation.

She said she later learned through social media that there were many people crying about the same guy and his company.

Midi admitted he and Kamohelo had an issue, which they were busy resolving. “Unfortunately, it has gone public,” he said.

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He said he wanted to give Kamohelo what is hers.

“We are currently negotiating a new lease with our landlord and this was shared with Kamo. This resulted in us waiting to get access to the unit, including the trailer in question.

“I shared all the information with her but she requested a refund at the end of last month. I accepted that and told her we can look at mid month,” he said.

Midi said he updated Kamohelo on the refund and informed her he needed until today (Monday) to confirm the correct date but she chose to go public.

“I have informed her in writing that we are 100% refunding her and it will be before month end, but I will confirm the exact day on Monday ensuring it’s as early as possible so everything can go back to normality,” said Midi.

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