Thandeka M Mahlangu has redrawn Shauna Ferguson correctly

Thandeka M has redrawn Connie Ferguson correctly

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Rasta the artist became a laughing stock after Thandeka M who is also an artist, made corrections to Rasta’s painting that had been awkward when he tried to paint Connie Ferguson.It is well-known that Rasta’s paintings are always out of the way, and all his paintings leave people talking, wondering what school he went to as he drew paintings that are completely out of the way.

Some people even suggested that he should at least go back to art school for lessons because he has shown that he’s so passionate about his job, just that he’s not competent.

The self-proclaimed Thandeka M artiste also showed off her talent as an artist after re-painting a beautiful portrait of Connie Ferguson correcting the mistakes made by Rasta,In this photo of Connie Ferguson she also included Rasta himself, which made him a laughing stock especially on social media.

People laughed when they saw the painting, and some said that Rasta should pull up his socks because otherwise he would be laughed at by people, which is already happening now.

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Rasta I would say he is a famous artist but he is stubborn because even when people try their best to show him his mistakes he just ignores all that, pretending as if he didn’t hear anything.

Even if they make fun of him, he seems not to be affected at all and he just goes ahead and does his job like no body’s business.

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It’s as if he’s making worse or bad drawings on purpose if people start complaining about him and his drawings that are completely out of the line.

Thandeka M has shown in every case that she is talented and a master of art after re-painting Connie Ferguson’s beautiful portrait.

Proving to Rasta that he’s still young in the game.