IsencaneLengane: Thando Did Not Want Siyacela To Hold Her Hand

IsencaneLengane: Thando Did Not Want Siyacela To Hold Her Hand

Thando is low-key rude and disrespectful like Siyacela. When exactly does Thando wake up and save herself from this nonsense! I hope gogo gets the right of reply next week. Siyacela is so disrespectful to imagine calling your maternal grandmother “Lo Gogo. Dlamuka is using Syacela as a weapon struu. They get along when they talk about ugogo.

What he’s doing is really wrong. He’s not encouraging him to do the right things but he’s continuing to damage his mind. That’s the other reason why he will never grow old because his thinking is only nonsense. This child has no respect for elders. How can you disrespect your stepmom who pours you food when you have nothing. This is crazy.

Another Episode of Isencane Lengane has Left Many people Talking After What Thando Did to Siyacela.
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Apparently, As Thando And Siyacela Were Talking To The Family, at First Siyacela Was Holding Thando’s Hand, Which Moments Later Thando Removed It.

Which Really Left Many People Talking as They Saw or Noticed That thando Did Not Want Siyacela To Hold Her Hand, which Would Be Because Of Their Recent Differences.
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As Thando And Siyacela Are Basically The Youngest Couples To ever Get Married On South African National TV, People Are Already Starting to See Them Having Differences.

Another Thing Would Be The Fact That People Also Noticed that Siyacela Does Not Get Along with His Fathers Wives, but What More worse Would Be His Grandmother.
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Who Many People Can Actually See That Siyacela Does Not Also Like Listening To, as A Result Of Once Standing Up For Thando In The Family.

A lot Happened During The Episode But What Left Many people to notice was What Thando Did To Siyacela, which Really Left Many Talking.
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