Thando Dlamuka Fears For Siyacela Life after Death Of Aka

Thando Dlamuka Fears For Siyacela Life after Death Of Aka

The Isencane Lengane star Siyacela Dlamuka has become a household name in South Africa. Also, he’s Bab Dlamuke’s son.

Seeing himself on the popular reality show Isencane Lengane catapulted him to stardom. Famous for his young age, Siyacela tied the knot with his sweetheart when he was just 16 years old.

Siyacela, a South African celebrity, went viral in 2019 after he married his 15-year-old girlfriend. Some people were not sympathetic to his narrative, even though he was so young.

Thando is a renowned South African woman after marrying the popular musician Siyacela. There has been a lot of debate about Aka’s death since the morning, and some individuals, especially celebrities, are wondering if they are next. Reason being that it seems like a new celebrity dies every month.

Thando is concerned for Siyacela’s safety and counts herself among the terrified. Thando’s screenshot of her message expressing concern for Siyacela’s safety went viral, and it left many online users in fits of laughter. See Thando’s post below:

Many people found it hilarious to mock Thando for questioning when Siyacela will become famous after seeing this screenshot. Thando has this preconceived notion that Siyacela is a famous person just because she has been featured on television several times.

While another user countered that Siyacela is not a star but rather an ordinary person with a TV appearance now and then. The commenter added that Thando needs serious treatment if she really believes that her boyfriend is a famous person.

People are eager to remark on social media, especially when the topic is someone like Siyacela, whom many people dislike because of his abusive treatment of Thando. It follows that nobody really gives a hoot about Siyacela.

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