Thando Thabethe joins in dressing Pearl for her big day


Thando Thabethe joins in dressing Pearl for her big day

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Love her or hate her, Pearl Thusi is the brand and that makes big companies want to be associated with her. What started off as a small and kind gesture to go out on a date with Pearl, turned into a national interest as big brands such as Mercedes SA and many others, jumped to be a part of the National Date.

For a little bit of context, Pearl Thusi laughed at a joke made by Michael Bucwa, AKA Mr. SMEG, where he joked and said Ari Lennox is not beautiful. He does this all the time to women who are trending at that time and says they are beautiful. He sometimes asks most of them to go on a date with him and some agree, some take it as a joke.

When Pearl laughed at this joke, she got labeled a colorist because many saw a light-skinned man dissing a dark-skinned woman by saying she is not attractive, and a light-skinned woman laughing at that.

Pearl did say she does not agree with what Michael said but still got dragged by black Twitter.

Now, Michael asked her out on a date and she agreed. Soon after that it got labelled the #NationalDate and Mercedes SA offered to chauffeur the two of them to their date. Afterward brands such as Bathu and Drip offered to dress the two of them, Thabooty’s offered to give Pearl a bra, Boulevard, Billiato and Black Rose Gin chipped in as well, and they are also going to styled by Era By DJ Zinhle.

Now, all of these are local brands and are owned by Pearl’s close associates and friends such as DJ Zinhle, Cassper Nyovest and Thando Thabethe.

Even though it is a good marketing strategy, some Tweeps do not agree with this and said Pearl is using Michael to promote their businesses.
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On top of that, they will go out and party afterwards at Konka and have invited a group of friends to sit at a table next to them. “Looking for a girl squad of 4 to come to @KonkaSoweto – they’ll provide food, @blackrosegin, Billiato, Boulevard & any other champagne of your choice… at a VIP table next to me & SMEG after our #NationalLunchDate #NationalDate.” she announced.

Pearl always lands in hot soup when it comes to Black Twitter, and in January alone she got dragged at least 4 times.

When she defended Dineo Ranaka after getting suspended from radio for dancing on top of tables, she got vilified. She turned it into the roast of Metro FM saying that radio station is toxic.

“One of the best things I ever did for my self esteem and growth was to leave Metro FM. It’s one of the decisions I’m proudest of,” she tweeted.

Pearl Modiadie also has had her fair share of drama with Metro when she accused a top level leader of sexually harassing her. “I kept quiet for too long until media picked it up and never have I been grateful for that because it finally gave me the courage to speak out about the sexual harassment I was was subjected to at Metro FM.”

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