Thando’s Siyacela seems to have fallen for a lady 8 years older than him.

Thando’s Siyacela seems to have fallen for a lady 8 years older than him.

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He left his wife back home and was seen living his best life in Durban where he doesn’t even bother to call and check up on Thando consistently! The saddest part in all of this is that Thando is grade 12 and has her exams but instead of giving her studies her full attention, she has to be stressed over Siyacela who is both selfish and s.t.u.p.i.d!

When they got married those few years ago, he promised not to take another wife but on last night’s episode, he kept going on about polygamy and how he’ll be a stepfather to his girlfriend’s 10 year old!

Thando should choose herself, being with Siyacela is just a vacuum on her; all it does it suck at her soul and drag life out of her! She even had to post on social media that “whoever took Siyacela, please bring him back” because he’s that open about his cheating. He doesn’t hide it, even when the crew from the show is filming them, he talks about hot girls and not wanting to go back home because he’s being controlled there. What kind of husband does that?

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Looking at her life now and the way Siyacela is treating her, it’s reasonable that Thando regrets taking such a commitment [marriage] at a young age, where she and her husband rushed into committing prematurely! Seeing him being away and having fun, she said “I can’t believe I’m sitting here alone”… She added that she’ll avenge herself and will never forgive him for putting her through so much pain in the middle of exams!