Thapelo Molomo works on a cruise ship “I was a millionaire, and now I can do anything to make a living”


Thapelo Molomo works on a cruise ship “I was a millionaire, and now I can do anything to make a living”

Pop idol culture in Mzansi is typically ephemeral and has proven to be challenging to preserve. A group or person who gained popularity quickly usually doesn’t last long, and Thapelo Molomo, the winner of season 18 of Idols, is no exception. After winning the competition, the former SAPS warrant officer quit and is currently employed on a cruise ship, according to ZiMoja.

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His powerful voice and charming personality won over the judges and audiences alike, and it seemed like he was destined for greatness. After his victory, Molomo received a million Rand in cash, signed a record deal and released an album, which received positive reviews.


He toured the world and even performed at the opening ceremony of the recent Africa Cup of Nations. However, despite his early success, Molomo struggled to maintain his momentum in the competitive music industry.

As time passed, Molomo’s financial situation became increasingly dire. He was no longer able to make a living from his music, and he struggled to find other opportunities. He even tried selling atchaar and eggs when gigs dried out.


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In the end, he made the bold decision to apply for a job on a cruise ship. After being employed as a waiter, Molomo made an immediate impression on his managers with his diligence and upbeat demeanor. He rose through the ranks of the ship’s hospitality department to become the manager of a group of waiters and bartenders.

Although Molomo’s current job is a far cry from his days as an Idols winner, he is grateful for the stability and security it provides. He is able to support his family and save some money for the future. He also continues to pursue his passion for music in his spare time, performing for his colleagues and guests on the ship. According to sources close to the situation, he left SA in October last year.

“He will be returning now in March for a few weeks and he has already been promised a new contract by his employer that is how impressive he has been. He is doing both what he loves and gets to travel too,” adds the source

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The musician claims in an interview with ZiMoja that he was unable to turn down the chance to travel and earn a stable income. “One should seize an opportunity with both hands if they come across one anywhere in South Africa, as they might not present themselves again,” he stated.

Although Molomo stated that he will not give up on music, he is savoring the opportunity to travel and pursue his passion. When asked if he would keep performing, Molomo said that he had stopped singing evangelical music before starting his work and that he would do the same upon his return. When he will return home permanently is a mystery to him.


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