Big Brother Mzansi: Thato is the star of the final episode


Big Brother Mzansi: Thato is the star of the final episode


Thato loves having fun and she makes sure that wherever she goes people always feel her vibe. Thato is in the taxi with Norman, BU, Zino, Yoli ,Dinky and Acacia. They were all evicted on different weeks from the show.
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Some already got the best deals outside their house with big companies, and some are still working on their projects too. Thos looks like it is going to be the best show for them tonight because they will be reuniting with their top 5 who are facing the finale today.

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Thato is singing and dancing in the taxi and tells Norman to hold the camera for her. Thato could not wait during the week because she wanted this day to come so that she can be wih her boyfriend Gash1. If Gash1 wins today, she is going to be so happy and he will probably marry her.

Fans were saying that Yoli and Norman will not be happy with Thato because of her relationship with Gash1 but they were all wrong. Thato, Yoli and Norman are all good and still friends.

Yoli is a good person, her short relationship with Gash1 was not serious. She actually supports Thato and Gash1 on their relationship. It is good to see them having so much fun when they are together. They are all friends now, Sinky who was the first one to be eliminated is also in the taxi with them and she still looks good too.

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