Soweto uprising commemoration! Thato “TT” Mbha is gearing to host the Soweto Youth Golf Day

Soweto uprising commemoration! Thato TT Mbha is gearing to host the Soweto Youth Golf Day



To mark 45 years since the 1976 Soweto uprising, businessman and reality television star Thato “TT” Mbha is gearing to host the Soweto Youth Golf Day. It will be held at the Soweto club on 16 June. TT told Daily Sun he’s always wanted to host a golf match. “I’ve been watching how different people spend the day, so as a fanatical golfer i assumed why not host a match on the day but rope during a charity element thereto to form it more purposeful. “We aim to pay tribute to our fallen heroes, who sacrificed their lives for learners to review in any language they please, to possess the liberty to play any sport, and live where they need to in South Africa,” he said. But this may not just be another golfing event. “On the day of the event, all the youth who’ll participate will get a chance to interact with highly influential people from all industries who’ll possibly inspire them to show their lives around,” he said. Proceeds will go towards providing blankets and non-perishable foods to the Kliptown Youth Foundation.

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“The funds also will go towards buying branded Drimac jackets for all participants. We’ve also brought on board 72 caddies from the world to offer back to the community, supply branded golf bibs and meals to all or any.” TT said the event is on the brink of his heart. “Growing up in Soweto, we never had the chance to play the other sport besides football, rugby or boxing if we were lucky. “Kids today have better opportunities and we’d wish to support them to form sure their dreams are fulfilled.” TT asked people to assist make today special. “This may be a community effort. People are welcome to donate anything they will. a touch help can go an extended way.” -Daily Sun