Thato’s ring she’s wearing made Mzansi wonder

Thato’s ring she’s wearing made Mzansi wonder

Thato is a former Big Brother mzansi season 3 contestant who was one of the favorites in the Big Brother house. She even made it past the top ten of the competition. She however also ended up falling in love, as she ended up dating with Gash1. There was however some talks on social media that Thato and Gash1 are married.

The recent picture that Thato posted on social media may have put some rumors to bed, as people on social media noticed something that had them talking on social media. In this picture that Thato posted people noticed the ring that Thato was wearing in this picture.

A number of people were also shocked as they were even asking about the ring. However there were some people who seemed very happy for Thato. Clearly we could see that the love between Gash1 and Thato have really blossomed since the big brother show. Other people on social media were saying that Thato looks very beautiful.

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