That’s how Connie Chiume Mam’Sonto will leave Gomora

That’s how Connie Chiume Mam’Sonto will leave Gomora

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Every drama series/ telenovela has got that one actor/actress whom we love in such a way that we wouldn’t imagine them leaving that particular telenovela. We all know that Mam’Sonto is one of those leading actors/actresses who make Gomora going.

The Mzansi Magic’s telenovela; Gomora is made up of two families; the Molefes and the Dlamini’s. Mam’Sonto, played by Connie Chiume is the head of the Molefe family, she’s the mother to her two beautiful daughters; Thathi played by Katlego Danke and Pretty played by Siyasanga Papu. Mam’Sonto is also a grandmother to That and Pretty’s children.

The August teasers have revealed that Mam’Sonto is going to be shot by her former employee; London, played by Robert Mpisi. The teasers further stated that Officer Nabe is going to try to get to to the bottom of Mam’Sonto being shot, and Mam’Sonto is going to end up in a coma. There’s this other teaser reads, “One family says goodbye to their loved one”.

Which Family do you think is going to say goodbye to their loved one? I think is the Molefes saying goodbye to Mam’Sonto after her death. However, it might happen that Santo is not the one leaving, it might be anyone from the other family. Anyway, let’s keep on watching to get the answers because this is just my point of view.