That’s what Nelisa Mchunu “Fikile” does after Uzalo.

That’s what Nelisa Mchunu “Fikile” does after Uzalo.

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South African actress Nelisa Mnchununwon the hearts of people when she first made her debut on Uzalo, she played one of the most loved roles on the show and she is really good at what she does. Nelisa is really talented and acting is one of her passions after leaving the show Uzalo viewers were really devastated because they really enjoyed watching her.




What they really loved about her role is her unique relationship with SBU, they didn’t have much but they stayed true and honest to each other. A lot of people envied their relationship because it was not based on money nor materialistic things, they worked together so that they could build a much better future for both of themselves. They had a love and hate relationship with Sbu, even though he didn’t have any money and wasn’t able to provide her with the luxurious lifestyle she remained loyal. So did Sbu, he met a lot of beautiful ladies who were dying to be with him but his eyes were only on Fikile. Its sad that her parents were the ones who brought their relationship to an end after they took her with them.


They had always thought that their daughter was living a high life until they finally visited her and saw that she was actually living in a shack with her unemployed boyfriend. They felt that their daughter deserved better and decided to take her with them. This left Sbu heartbroken as he had to learn to live without the love of his life, viewers were really not happy with him the actress exited the show.
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However, in real life, the actress is busy spreading her wings in the entertainment industry and building her acting career. Exit the show has given her a chance to explore other things in her life and also work on her acting career in general. She has been serving beautiful pictures on Instagram and it seems everything is going quite well for her since she left the show, her future looks bright on the other side and as fans, we should be expecting her on our small screens very soon.


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