That’s why Actress Nozuko Ncayiyane tried to end her life.

That’s why Actress Nozuko Ncayiyane tried to end her life.

The ability of entertainer Nozuko Ncayiyane justifies itself, there is no question that the entertainer typifies any person and she did it consummately and she got a ton of acclaim. emotional wellness is going and how she is attempting to commit suicide.
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She said, the present moment I know it’s essential for me and I can’t battle it any longer, at that point I saw Johannesburg grow up so quickly and I was acting yet I wasn’t sure what to do in the ‘business and that is about the business you should be working in and I don’t feel like an ideal choice for the business.

I don’t need what individuals do in the business, I would prefer not to go to the occasions she says. She said it was the Johannesburg way of life that had driven her into a downturn which was extremely fierce for her, feeling lost yet at the same time attempting to fit in and feeling like you were in a world that planned to occur. excessively fast and that it was difficult to get. become risky.

Furthermore, that is what befallen him, my companions were attempting to drag me out of my space to witness these occasions yet it just put me in profound sadness, I felt like I had no course or I didn’t have the foggiest idea what I was So my feelings got stirred up and I attempted to commit suicide a few times.

Ntshangase stated that she fell into depression after her first acting job as she used to send most of her salary back home and was left penniless.

Financially, I did not understand a lot of things. Intellectually, there were still a lot of things I needed to learn around that.

I messed up a lot financially, I made really bad decisions.
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The actress says she’s not like most celebrities who want to attend events in the entertainment industry and that she was often dragged out of the house by her friends to make appearances.

“My friend would try to drag me out of the room to attend those events but it just pushed me into a dark hole of depression.

“I felt like I was not doing enough and I felt like I did not have direction or know what I was doing. So emotionally I got messed up and tried suicide a couple of times

Ntshangase has also assured her fans that things have now improved as she is now working through her