That’s why Mzansi is worried about Pearl Thusi


That’s why Mzansi is worried about Pearl Thusi

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It is still hard for many people to finally come to terms with the passing of Rikhado Makhado popularly known as Riky Rick. He was a South African award-winning musician, producer, and entrepreneur. Many know him as the man who was more focused on uplifting the lives of young people. Over the past years of being in the entertainment industry, he managed to win the love of South African people because of his work. He was one of the top loved and influential celebrities in the country who played a vital role in the music industry.

It was reported that he committed suicide due to depression. He hanged himself using a rope and was found dead at his home. They never thought that he would end his life and sadly they had to bid him farewell so soon. Riky Rick was laid to rest this past Tuesday and hundreds of people gathered including celebrities to say their final goodbyes. It still feels like a nightmare to many people as they wish they could wake up and be told that he is still alive.

Pearl Thusi is amongst those who are finding it hard to finally make peace with his death. On Friday she revealed that she wants his photo to be printed on her T-shirt so that she will be able to see him everyday. Seeing him on her t-shirt will definitely help a lot. Today’s words that she said left people worried. She took it to social media to reveal to the public that making peace with his death is really not easy and she is still hurt with hope that she could wake up and be told that he is still alive.

She said “It hurts bad. Why can’t we wake up and it was a horrible nightmare” Many people were left touched and concerned as they do not want her to be depressed because of his death.
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This is an indication that Riky Rick lived his life with love towards other people. That is why many people are finding it hard to accept his death. People commented on her post sending words of wisdom during this hard time and others revealed that they will pray for her to get healing. She definitely needs help to heal from this. What is your take on this matter? Share your views on the comment section and follow for more news.

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