That’s why Nelisa Mchunu asked for help on the street

That’s why Nelisa Mchunu asked for help on the street

It’s been a month since Nelisa Mchunu’s last television villain role, but that hasn’t stopped the public from continuing to label her as a murderer.

Nelisa played Bazothini, a woman who murdered her sister so that she could marry her wealthy husband, on the Mzansi Magic show Isifiso. One woman in her thirties told the Daily Sun that she constantly had to fend off strangers.

People have repeatedly done this to me. She claimed, “People thought I was my Uzalo character when I was really just being myself.” People may call me a murderer, but the fact that they adored Bazo proves that things weren’t as bad as I feared they would be. It’s strange because a protagonist who acts in such a way shouldn’t be well received. Thus, there is no requirement for a negative reaction when interacting with fans.

Even though she found it difficult, Nelisa enjoyed playing the role.

I won’t sugarcoat it; she was an extremely interesting person. She went through a roller coaster of emotions throughout the course of the season. It was a challenging and fun activity. Enjoyed myself immensely while playing the role of a murderer.

Nelisa’s portrayal of Fikile earned her widespread acclaim during her five seasons on Uzalo. She insisted that her character on the SABC1 soap opera was different from Bazo.

“The way I performed was, generally speaking, consistent; nonetheless, it is evident that I needed to channel different things because the roles are distinct. The only difference, she said, was channeling different energies, That was the only distinction.

“Other than that, I always use the same mantra and always do the same thing to get into character. Developing a strong emotional range for Bazo required me to delve deep into my acting abilities. Fikile has hinted that her next film will be released in the near future.

“I just wrapped filming a film, and it’s probably going to come out next year,” she said. “We just finished shooting a film.”

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