That’s why Somizi Allegedly Abusing Mohale.

That’s why Somizi Allegedly Abusing Mohale.

The world is already aware of the accusations that were made by Somizi’s estranged husband, Mohale. He has accused the celebrity of abusing him throughout the whole marriage, and at one point threatened to kill him.
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All of this took place behind-doors and according to Mohale, he tried to keep it hush-hush but he could not do this anymore. This then leads to all the exposure that took place of the bad things that Somizi had done, and South Africa was shocked at everything said.

Most South Africans still do not believe that Somizi did what Mohale is accusing him of because of their love for him, but it is usually said it is those that you least expect that betray you. In an interview with the city press, Somizi Mhlongo said something that gained a lot of people’s attention.

He said that he does not believe that a person he loved so much and genuinely could betray him and try to ruin his image. This then made South Africans assume that could be the reason for Somizi to start abusing Mohale.

It has been usually found in most cases that the abuser or the person who gets more jealous in a relationship is the one who loves the other the most. At the beginning of Somizi and Mohale’s relationship, South Africans already knew that Somizi was the one who was totally in love with Mohale.

This then makes sense when it is said he might be very abusive towards him due to the fact that he loved him a lot. It is said that Somizi would get very angry and violent when Mohale would talk to other people because he felt jealous.

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It is likely the love for Mohale that drove Somizi crazy to the point that he had to keep him to himself that led to the abusive actions. Most people feel like they have reason to believe Somizi was abusive because of how much he loved him and tried to keep him away from everyone else.

What is your take on the matter? Do you believe that Somizi could have been abusive to Mohale because of the fact that he loved him too much or do you think that Mohale is lying about this whole thing and it never even happened?

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