The actor who raped Durban Gen actress was her ex-boyfriend


The actor who raped Durban Gen actress was her ex-boyfriend

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Rape is a serious issue in South Africa and it happens to even celebrities. They get raped by people they trust and love, their very own boyfriends or husbands.

We have seen women coming forward and opening a case of rape against their spouses or boyfriends.

Many people though seems not to understand as to how does a woman gets raped by her boyfriend when they are dating.

It’s simple, people don’t understand that a non- consensual sex is a rape. If a guy forces himself inside a woman despite her saying “NO” and showing no signs of co-operation to show she is enjoying it too, then that’s a rape.

The latest celebrity who has opened a case of rape against her boyfriend,is the Durban Gen actress.

This actress was dating this guy, who is an actor as well as he plays in Muvhango.

The Durban Gen actress confirmed that she has opened a rape case against the actor from Muvhango.

She claims he repeatedly raped her from October to November last year.

The woman said she was very reluctant to open a case against him because they were dating.

“I use to beg him to stop but he really wanted to do till he was satisfied. I tried to show him that what he was doing was wrong but he just wouldn’t listen,” she said.

She then decided to end the relationship and open a case because she could see that this was breaking her.

The actress said when she told him that she’s opening a rape case against him, he was arrogant and blocked her on all social media platforms.

She said her boyfriend would force himself on her even when she is coming from her therapist despite her letting him know she is not well.

Three weeks ago, he decided to unblock her and told her if she opens a case, he will kill himself.

The actress preferred not to have their names published, for her safety.

Police spokesperson, Lieutenant – colonel Mavela Masondo confirmed that a rape case has been opened and is under investigation.

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