The actress Queen Zenande Mfenyana will be a mother


The actress Queen Zenande Mfenyana will be a mother

Actress Zenande Mfenyana has been basking altogether the pregnancy glory, and can’t stop talking about her excitement at becoming a mother. The star recently put the rumor mill to a halt when she announced she was expecting.

Now that everything’s call at the open, the feisty actress took to Twitter to share a special moment that made her realise how blessed she was to be a mom.

My neighbours’ kids happily call me by my name, and I’ve never had any qualms thereupon. They’re so cute with their little voices. Today one among them said ‘Mama’. Jehova. I shed a young tear like I’m actually close to being someone’s Mama.”

This past Mother’s Day, Zenande got tongues wagging when she shared gorgeous underwater snaps from her maternity shoot to verify she was pregnant.

er, unborn baby is all she will believe, and earlier in the week the actress lifted the lid on the gender of her baby.

She took to Twitter and shared how she was craving a full day at the spa before her “ballerina” arrives.