The actresses were laughing at Lindiwe Ngema’s funeral

The actresses were laughing at Lindiwe Ngema’s funeral

Mzansi has been feeling betrayed by the Scandal actress at the funeral of Lindiwe Ngema in the show. Mzansi noticed that these people are enjoying themselves at the funeral of Lindiwe Ngema.

There is a picture of Zinzile which is currently circulating on social media. Zinzile who is currently playing the character of Lindiwe’s mother was seen behind the scene dancing while she was still mourning and very hurt about the death of he daughter Lindiwe.

The character of Zinzile in Scanda is currently being played by Gcina Nkosi, who is a South African actress. She is popularly known for her character of ‘Zinzile Ngema’ where she is playing as the mother of Lindiwe Ngema. Lindiwe’s mother (Zinzile) is the one who reminded viewers that all this is an act, she didn’t give viewers that thing as this was her daughter and were pretty close.

Nomvelo Makhanya is best known for her role as Lindiwe in the popular television soap opera Scandal. The actress has recently made her exist in the soap.

The actress and actors of Scandal are currently celebrating the existence of Lindiwe Ngema (Nomvelo Makhanya) in Scandal. Those who have been working with her in the past 9 years have been showing their support. Everyone is left in tears as they bid farewell to the actress. Another actress who shows her emotions is Tlhogi. Her pictures is also trending in social media.

A lot of people have shade some tears for Lindiwe. It was a touching episode to watch and the send-off was beautiful. Viewers are proud to be part of Nomvelo Makhanya’s journey.

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