The ANC heavyweight Sphe J Hadebe breaks up for the second time


The ANC heavyweight Sphe J Hadebe breaks up for the second time

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Sphe J Hadebe is a freelance writer based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

In Gauteng, the top ANC heavyweight is having problems with his love life. For the second time in his life, he is facing a bitter divorce. Khuselo Diko, the former spokeswoman for Cyril Ramaphosa, divorced him once.

He married again in 2020, this time to a businesswoman who owns an accounting firm, and after only two years of marriage, he is divorcing her.

Jacob Khawe, the Gauteng ANC secretary, is divorcing Nthabeleng after a tumultuous marriage.

Nthabeleng allegedly packed Khawe’s clothes in black rubbish bags and ejected him from their multimillion-rand property in Krugersdorp’s elite Featherbrooke Estate last week.

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They were married in an extravagant ceremony in Bloemfontein, but are now living apart.

Nthabeleng has apparently had enough of Jacob’s antics, as he went absent for weeks before returning to his wife without explanation.

Khawe became a thorn in their side six months after their wedding.

He warned her she had no right to ask him questions when he returned. Nthabeleng tried to remain tough throughout, but she eventually gave up since she couldn’t anymore because the whole situation had depressed her.

She informed both of their families, as well as their close friends, and eventually directed him to the appropriate bus stop.

Worse, Nthabeleng was allegedly denied conjugal privileges for six months because Khawe frequently returned from his drinking binges in the wee hours of the morning.

His wife was sexually deficient for six months.

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