The Bala Family” gaining traction, it seems viewers feel Phelo Bala is the villain of the show so far

The Bala Family” gaining traction, it seems viewers feel Phelo is the villain of the show so far

Since premiering on Thursday, 20 April 2023, two episodes in and it seems that the viewers are hooked. So much so that discourse over which archetypes each of the main “characters” in the world of the show have been picked.

Unfortunately, the person at the receiving end of all the brunt so far from the show is the youngest sibling, Phelo Bala.

It all started during the second episode of the reality show when the Bala family took a family vacation to finally discuss the cause of their respective rifts in the family. During this time, Phelo revealed that some of his discomfort with his nuclear family throughout the years has been based on the fact that he shares a different biological father compared to his eldest siblings.

As such, the public has questioned why Phelo has the Bala surname considering that his father is a Bala. Moreover, it has been questioned why he is able to use the surname in his traditional healing journey considering that he does need to talk to the “right” ancestors in order for his traditional healing journey to be successful.

However, it seems that the biggest criticism that Phelo, and Loyiso in extension, that they have received was to call them ungrateful. This is as Zwai revealed that at the height of his TKZee and solo career he was the breadwinner of the family.

Moreover, he was responsible for paying the school fees of both Loyiso and Phelo when they attended Drakensberg Boys Choir School. However, as seen throughout the two episodes so far, Phelo and Loyiso have both been open about their indifference against their older brother despite all the sacrifices he has made in the past to make sure they get the best of everything. Including using his own resources to ensure that they both her careers as musicians.

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