The best, Luyanda Potwana Is Mzansi’s Number 1 TV Host


The best, Luyanda Potwana Is Mzansi’s Number 1 TV Host

Television host Luyanda Potwana is Mzansi’s favorite Television host. The television star who hosts one among the country’s most controversial reality shows Nyan Nyan, which exposes infidelity, is racking up some incredible numbers on the show.
Luyanda Potwana Is Mzansi's Number 1 TV Host

According to Phi Mphela, the show had 3.2 million viewers in August proving that the facility of it truly lies with the audience. during a tweet, Phil wrote, “Luyanda Potwana is SA’s no 1 TV host. because of the continued success of Nyan Nyan, Botswana remains the foremost watched TV presenter in South Africa. 3,2-million viewers tuned certain top-rated episode of Nyan Nyan in August.”

The hit show constantly has many avid watchers of it on the sting of their collective seats because the love triangles they witness on the show are so hectic, that they even make being single look very attractive.

Twitter is usually ablaze when the show airs, and lots of reckoning once they watch it that the cheating game lately is simply one serious profession that tons of individuals have mastered.

The show has been on our television screens for several years now, and it’s become one of Mzansi’s favorite shows on the general public broadcaster. The host of the show Luyanda Potwana has been praised by many for his demeanor and therefore the way he handles couples relationship problems.
Luyanda Potwana Is Mzansi's Number 1 TV Host
Since its debuts, Nyan Nyan has grown in leaps and bounds, and it continues to realize an excellent viewership. Luyanda has become a household name with the show and lots of don’t miss even one episode thanks to his exceptional hosting skills.

The TV presenter recently revealed that he’s a husband now. Luyanda tied the knot together with her beautiful wife Nomnotho Zondo. The lovebirds recently had their Umembeso in KwaZulu-Natal before Miss Zondo left for London, as she resides there.

Speaking to Move Magazine Luyanda confirmed that he’s off the market.

“In July I sent my uncles to her family to invite her hand in marriage and pay lobola. I did everything that was alleged to be done and just last week we were doing Umembeso in KZN,” he said.

The two met at a London Airport and that they fell head over heels crazy.