The couple’s Nandi Madida and Zakes Bantwini love for their children is heartwarming


The couple’s Nandi Madida and Zakes Bantwini love for their children is heartwarming

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Nandi Madida and Zakes Bantwini hosted an epic birthday party for their son Shaka who turned 5 years old this past weekend. The couple spared no expense in giving their son the most beautiful Sonic The Hedgehog-themed birthday party – fit for a King.

Nandi and Zakes have the most beautiful family. Don’t you wish you were just a part of this family. They hosted a beautiful birthday party for their son and it was planned by celebrity favorite Nono Events.

The cake was baked by Cake Emporium – a company she trusts with their sweet treats and the food was cooked by Beyond Bread. “Big up to @cake_emporium_ (this is not a sponsored post) for always coming through with creative cakes for my family. You’re such a pleasure to work with.”

All of this was made possible by black-owned companies and Nandi could not stop boasting about them. They hosted a huge celebration that they will need Shaka to at least turn 21 till they host another one for him.

Despite the weather not being on their side, the family had a blast. “5 years ago I gave birth to this special human being. King @shakamadida! You are such a light my boy, always smiling and happy. My only hope is that you continue to smile and find joy in your life. I love you with all of me and I’m super proud of you! Happy birthday,” Nandi gushed over her son.

Nandi once bragged about getting their son a piece of land to expand their generational wealth. This was for his 1st birthday celebration.

“Last year I bought my son some land as his first bday gift and have begun building a farm for him, which he will then hand down to his kids and so on. As you know I rarely show material things on my page, but this was a very proud moment for me as his mother because this is a legacy that will last for many generations to come.

“It’s the same as Colour @Colourfashionlabel (my fashion line) and the other businesses I’m apart of which you’ll soon learn about, I want my children to understand generational wealth. Having grown up in Durban North and having parents who come from rural KZN Maphumulo, I learnt from both backgrounds that generational wealth is more important than buying things that lose value over time (cars, clothes etc.). I am who I am because of my parents, grandparents and my ancestors. I owe it to my kids to also play my part. Love you @ShakaMadida,” she shared.

Nandi Madida and her husband Zakes have much more to celebrate as his hit single Osama broke many records. “When I heard it was such a beautiful, inspiring spiritual song and I think one that we all needed because it has been such a tough year for everyone and it just feels like there is a new beginning and new chapter for all of us – and it is spring, so we will be in thongs in Dubai,” she joked.

“Zakesbantwini in the history of South African music this has never been achieved! Wow! What a time to be alive and what a legacy. Shoutout kasangomusic for your magic!,” she said in another post.
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This became a mega it and even their son Shaka wants to perform the song with him on stage, “This is getting serious! @zakesbantwini twin and son @shakamadida just auditioned this morning for his dad as he wants to perform with him on stage, and he’s dead serious.”

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