The details of the death of Killer Kau and Mpura

The details of the death of Killer Kau and Mpura

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In shock, as we lost our young musicians talented and too soon this guy was last seen on Sunday night on a way to perform in Rustenberg we’re they were booked to come and perform on Sunday night.
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The three guys were involved in a car accident before they arrive in Rustenberg to perform for weekends, the other two which are Killa Kau and Mpura they were close friends ever since they were started being in the industry of artists.

This guy left their fans in shock ever now people don’t believe that they lost like this, this is very painful to lose your favorite star.

Kalla Kau was born in 1998 he is 23 years old this year he is from Soweto, South Africa Sakhile grew up as a singer in church before he used to join the Star PC Church choir singing in Bariton and he also joined African heavenly soul singer male choir.

Killa Kau completed his high school in matrix 2019 and working in his music but ambitions of getting Law degree from SA university 🎓.

Mpura is was born in South Africa and was a professional he was a south African musician who dies in a horrific car accident on a way to Rustenberg to perform with their friends and died at the scene.

Mpura and Killa Kau the popular South African melodic craftsman, was best known for Umesebenzi Wethu in 2020, Ha Camarata in 2020, and many more of their songs.

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Khanya Hadebe is a 22 years old guy and talented Dj he is from Sandton Johannesburg, Khanya fans are more than thousands on social media, khanya well known as popularly as an illuminated green is a popular South African Dj and a rapper.

His song has millions of views with a week of realizing he created content with a sports scene radio enterprise. he was a great soul with a kind of heart losing him is one of the worst pain ever.

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According to a report in The Sunday World, the couple died on their way to a concert in Rustenburg. In an interview with the publishing, a source revealed that the two musicians were tragically killed in a car crash. Several people have speculated that Kabza De Small was with the two that night prior to actually the accident, resulting in some believing that Kabza had also died. He is, on the other hand, still alive and well, as he confirmed on social networking sites after being contacted by reporters.

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Following the confirmation of their death, A Facebook page called Blessing Ramoba shared picture that might be how the accident happened, on the pictures, mzanzi noticed something thatt left many people talking, they noticed that the black car is the one that was wronged as it is damaged in the side. So far it is not clear which one is the deceased car but investigations are still underway. Many people were left asking themse Many questions without answers because no one is coming up with sufficient information about what really happened. See photos below:
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