The devil in the details: Coming up on Isono this March 2021

The devil in the details: Coming up on Isono this March 2021

Isono Teasers – March 2021
Isono Teasers – March 2021

Coming up on Isono this March 2021: archangel avoids Abednego. Millicent becomes suspicious of Sophie’s activities once she finds her and Bones reception. Simon and Noluthando hit a spark.

Monday one March 2021
Episode 89

Fight or Flight

Gabriel and Blessed Virgin sq. up. archangel should build major selections while Abednego should learn to form higher judgment calls that might value him his life. Sophie is in over her head. Simon is stuck between his favorite ladies.

Tuesday a pair of March 2021
Episode 90

The devil within the details

Mary works her magic to undertake and free Abednego. Bones and Zakwe finally meet face to face and a life-altering secret is disclosed. Meanwhile, Simon, Millicent and Noluthando inure the adult male Olympiad with humourous results.

Wednesday three March 2021
Episode 91

The past has long shadows

Gabriel avoids Abednego. Millicent becomes suspicious of Sophie’s activities once she finds her and Bones reception. Simon and Noluthando hit a spark.

Thursday four March 2021
Episode 92

Distant stares & nearer reminiscences

The past refuses to yield of archangel as he struggles to regulate to his new cleaner life with Ayo – Ohio however there’s one huge complication.

Monday eight March 2021
Episode 93

Crossing lines

Work forces archangel and Abednego into every other’s area however they find yourself gap a door to a inculpatory past life. the warmth starts to induce to Sophie round her lies and folks ar quick obtaining wind of it. Noluthando experiences a humbling moment.

Rami Chuene and Nthati Moshesh

Tuesday nine March 2021
Episode 94

Daddy problems

Lesedi finds out concerning Zakwe’s father. Esther and Makwande reconnect to Mncedisi’s dismay. Meanwhile, Simon is bitter once things fall to items with Noluthando therefore he won’t let Millicent out of their faux relationship.

Wednesday ten March 2021
Episode 95

Bend till break

While Gabriel’s criminal past threatens to derail a appointment with Ayo, Esther and Mncedisi, Mam Lili learns one among Sophie’s several secrets. Meanwhile, Simon loses Millicent to the new guy on the block.

Thursday eleven March 2021
Episode 96

Truth & reconciliation

Abednego finally confesses his feelings to archangel, exploit archangel with a troublesome call to form. A scheming Bones has Associate in Nursing audience wiith his son that leaves Zakwe wanting a lot of answers.

Monday fifteen March 2021
Episode 97

Hidden Consequences

Mary goes to extremes to stamp her authority on the drug business, whereas archangel spins out and Zakwe walks into the lion’s den.

Tuesday sixteen March 2021
Episode 98

Poker face

Gabriel is in hassle with Ayo for ditching their romantic date, Esther discovers that her business is get into the globe for all to examine and Ayo includes a surprise of her own.

Wednesday seventeen March 2021
Episode 99

Come to papa

Zakwe and Lesedi ar drawn deeper into Bones’ net. archangel is avoiding Abednego as a result of he doesn’t shrewdness to navigate this love triangle.

Thursday eighteen March 2021
Episode a hundred

A woman’s alternative

Simon and Noluthando’s romance becomes cognition. A speech with Titi has Ayo considering her choices. And Bones intensifies his slow corruption of Lesedi to stunning results.

Monday twenty two March 2021
Episode one hundred and one

The quandary

Gabriel and Abednego ar at odds while Titi advises Ayo to be ungenerous. Bones manipulates Lesedi even a lot of, inflicting friction between her and Zakwe. Blessed Virgin invitations Noluthando to dinner.

Tuesday twenty-three March 2021
Episode 102
Isono Teasers – March 2021
Innocence lost

Gabriel and Ayo struggle to form a choice concerning the maternity while Bones lures Lesedi down a dangerous road. Meanwhile, Jumima suspects that Lili includes a new man!

Wednesday twenty four March 2021
Episode 103

Eat Your Young

As a artful mother and a deceptive father, each Blessed Virgin and Bones “prey” on their various youngsters.

Thursday twenty five March 2021
Episode 104


Bones pimps out Associate in Nursing oblivious Lesedi to lusting men. Blessed Virgin shakes the tables in archangel and Ayo’s relationship, exploit casualties. Yanga makes an enormous discovery.

Monday twenty nine March 2021
Episode a hundred and five

False starts

A hurt Abednego becomes reckless in his decide to take down the Lebedevs. Lesedi quells Zakwe’s anger at Bones, unaware of Bones’ violent plans for her future. Mam’Lili won’t tolerate Millicent’s criticism of her new man.

Tuesday thirty March 2021
Episode 106

Time to get older, baby girl

Lesedi is getting down to want Cinderella, she’s excited concerning dinner at a flowery place however very little will she recognize Bones has alternative plans to not keep the baby. meantime Yanga throws a bash and lands in hassle.

Wednesday thirty one March 2021
Episode 107

Pimps & hoes

Zakwe races against the clock to avoid wasting Lesedi from Bones’ clutches and his horrific plans for her.

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