The drama impressed the viewers strongly in GomoraMzanzi

The drama impressed the viewers strongly in GomoraMzanzi

Gomora has turn out to be the best drama in Mzanzi because it is always trending is Twitter which proves that lot of people are talking about it every day, and it has also made many people to fell in love with it because of the content that the produce on the drama were they show the township life.
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The drama came at the right time during the lockdown last year where many people were not going to work and it gave them time to understand, what the drama is all about we’re people had all time to watch it in the comfort of their houses.

The drama is always trending everyday and the character of Melusi and Ntokozo is one of the most loved characters.

Most people are always talking about them because of the situation we’re a father is checking on the mother.

The son is trying to protect his mother from a cheating father that is confused because of the choices he has made.

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