The Du Pont sisters are breathing fire – “I used to pray that Jub Jub would die in prison

Amanda’s sisters have a few words for Jub Jub

Amanda Du Pont’s family friends and supporters are coming out in their numbers to show her support. She had to do one of the hardest things which shared her abuse ordeal with the world. All 1 million viewers of her IGTV all believe Jub Jub has a lot of explaining to do and should be canceled.

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After her emotional video where she reveals that she allegedly suffered abuse from Jub Jub for 2 years, her sisters took to social media and put Jub Jub on blast.

Amber-Kayleigh and Adele-Kim Du Pont did not mince their words when they put the Uyajola 9/9 host on blast. They were left appalled when they saw their sister crying after having survived alleged attempted murder and rape for 2 whole years.

Amber-Kayleigh Du Pont cussed Jub Jub and said he is dried out and irrelevant. She also said that people who support Jub Jub are part of the problem, “All I will say is that Jub Jub is a weak piece of s*** who just wants clout because he is dried out and irrelevant. Imagine having to spread lies and use Amanda’s name just to get views.

“Jub Jub is a rapist, murderer, abuser and liar! If you support him you are part of the problem.”

“Breaks my heart that you have to keep revisiting such a tough time in your life. But I am so proud of your for speaking your truth sis. I stand by you sis and all the victims of that clown ass fool.”

Kim Du Pont is saddened by the thought of losing her sister as it would have allegedly been taken by her former lover.

“My sister to hear you speak out and let the world know what happened to you makes me so sad. A chapter in your life I thought you would never have to revisit. To know that these men felt gratification slandering your being as if you are an object enrages me to the point of no return.

“To think Jub Jub almost killed my blood. You make me sick! You don’t deserve to call yourself a man nor are you worthy of a peaceful life. You almost took mine from me for what? You lie so much you don’t even know what truth is anymore! Your cowardly actions are pitiful and revolting.”


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Kim also took aim at Mac G for not doing enough and for always apparently bashing women.

“I feel sorry for you and Mac G you are nothing better. With your platform you could’ve done good but instead you’ve chosen to drag women and one can see the joy in your eyes when speaking about things that can ruin someone’s life. You are the lowest level of a human. My God works overtime and he’s coming for you!!!!! The system might have failed you the first time but not again. I STAND WITH YOU!!!!”