The founder of the South African Literary Awards, and singer Sindiswa Seakhoa Has Died


The founder of the South African Literary Awards, and singer Sindiswa Seakhoa Has Died

The founder of the South African Literary Awards, and singer Sindiswa Seakhoa, has passed away.

Praise- Poet Jessica Mbangeni shared the sad news on Facebook. She paid a tribute to her late friend saying she is still struggling to come to terms with her passing.

She wrote, “We are leaving this world gracefully, but painfully leaving our loved ones. This morning, I cannot hide the pain I feel over the passing of my sister and mother. She gave praise poets a prime slot on her prestigious event, South African Literary Awards,” she wrote.

Jessica also confirmed the news to Daily Sun, “It is true, she’s no more. I am very heartbroken. I can’t believe she left us this early because we still needed her. She was a pillar of strength to us, and supported us in the industry,”

Mzansi is still mourning the passing of media personality Kuli Roberts.

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Meanwhile, Kuli’s best friend Nyaniso Bengu has opened up to TshisaLive about what happened the day she passed on. Nyaniso told the publication that the autopsy will confirm everything. However, he said she suffered a seizure.

“She called me when she got to the studio. They started doing her makeup and she said, ‘talk to you later.”

He told the publication that he later received a call that the late TV personality was having a seizure. He added that he then hurried to the scene with Kuli’s family member.

“I asked: ‘what do you mean? Because she was fine. She doesn’t have any condition.’ I told them I was on my way but they told me not to panic because the paramedics have it all under control.”

“As we walked in I could already see there was a cloth on the floor and they broke the news to us that they had tried to resuscitate her.”

Several celebrities have since taken to their social media platforms to share their fond memories of the late actress.

Generations: The Legacy star Letoya Makhene recently penned a lengthy message on Instagram paying homage to Kuli. She said Kuli had not been okay recently. She shared, “Our Hearts are ever so heavy and bleeding and we are ever so broken-hearted Kuli…Rest Easy My Sister. Lebo and I know how heavy a place this world had become for you. I’ve been watching the love you’re getting on social media but know just how you’ve been feeling alone💆🏽‍♀️💔🤦🏾‍♀️. The irony of it all💔”

She shared the last pictures that she took with her and her wife Lebo. The actress also shared that she had a very close relationship with Kuli.

“…even though this wasn’t the last time we hung out. Yep. STILL waiting for the pics and vids from you… Guess those last memories are just gonna be those that stay alive in our hearts,

“Yours and mine was not a relationship that we took pride in letting the world in on-but it was a relationship that you and I will ALWAYS be able to celebrate in “our forever” 🥰” she wrote.

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