The girl’s family: He tried to bribe us with R1 million, but we don’t want his dirty money.

The girl’s family: He tried to bribe us with R1 million, but we don’t want his dirty money.

TV presenter Bishop Israel Makamu allegedly offered R1 million to the family of a lady who claims he s.e.xually harassed her when she was an adolescent performing at his church. But her father rejected the ‘dirty money’ because all he wanted was for him to apologize.

Makamu is that the co-host of the favored and controversial television program Rea Tsotella, which airs on Moja Love.
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“He tried to bribe us with R1 million, but we don’t want his loot . I just want him to apologize to me as a father for what he did to my daughter. He tried to threaten me and said i need to do my research on him. He thought i used to be frightened of him,” the daddy said yesterday.

He also claimed that when the incident happened in 2017, his daughter visited the Ivory Park police headquarters in Tembisa to open a case of s.e.xual harassment, but she didn’t receive any updates on the case.

The father was speaking out after a two-minute voice recording went viral on social media in the week , during which someone who seems like Makamu is heard making suggestive comments to his daughter.

In the recording, the person is heard lecture the lady , whom he refers to as “ngwanaka” (my child). She was 17 at the time. The person says he has just dropped someone off and needs to travel by and see the lady who is heard calling him “daddy” throughout the conversation.

“O tlo mpha? [will you give me” he asks, to which the lady replies: “No, daddy.” Then he says: “Wa bora, wa bora, ngwanaka [you are boring, my child].”

After the audio clip went viral early in the week , Makamu claimed that it had been the family that demanded a payment from him to form the recording disappear.

“Bishop Makamu says the woman within the recording worked for him and their conversation wasn’t s.e.xual in any manner and it had been altered to extort money from him,” Moja Love said during a statement on Tuesday.

“He says he thought the matter had been resolved some time past , but it suddenly emerged again three weeks ago. Bishop Makamu suspects his character is being assassinated,” Moja Love said.

Yesterday, the daddy said his daughter had been struggling to cope since the audio clip surfaced.

“She isn’t okay in any case this. it’s disturbed her tons . She even quit getting to church.”

The father said they tried to report the interest the Commission for the Promotion and Protection of the Rights of Cultural, Religious and Linguistic Communities and at Luthuli House, the ANC’s headquarters. They even took the recording to a well-liked station in Johannesburg, but nothing came of those efforts. Now they’re set to satisfy with Makamu’s employer, Moja Love, at its head office in Braamfontein in Johannesburg tomorrow.

On Friday, the 21-year-old woman, whose identity is being withheld, claimed in an interview with the Movement Against Abuse in Church founder Solomon Ashoms that the Rea Tsotella television program host s.e.xually harassed her at his church in Eden Park, Alberton, four years ago.

In the YouTube interview, the woman, who was a receptionist, administrator and call center agent at Makamu’s church in 2017, alleged that she received a call from the pastor asking her to gather the office keys from him at the robots between Eden Park and Thokoza.

“I visited the car and stood by the driver’s side and he said i need to get inside the car; he will drop me off.

“He started saying he loves me … He drove with me to the church. i used to be nervous and asked myself what we were doing at the church,” the lady claimed.

She said that Makamu then made s.e.xual advances and she or he ran away.

The woman, who was sharing a rented room with a lover who also worked at Makamu’s church, said she was 17 at the time and had no boyfriend. She said she had regarded Makamu as a father.

“[When] I need to my room, my roommate asked me what happened and that i told her. She said i need to record him next time this happens,” she said.

It was on a Friday evening when the incident allegedly happened and therefore the bishop’s call was recorded on Monday. the lady said she packed her belongings and went back home as she feared being victimized by Makamu. She told her father about the incident and he confronted the Endless Hope Bible Church preacher at his offices.

He offered them R1 million. My dad said no, he will never sell his daughter.

“His personal assistant took long to call him because he knew why we were there. We waited for nearly two hours,” she said.

She alleged that when Makamu finally showed up, he called into question the legitimacy of the sound recording . The pastor then allegedly offered her parents money. “He offered them R1 million. My dad said no, he will never sell his daughter. He then called Makamu and told him that if anything happens to me, it’ll get on him [Makamu],” she told Ashoms within the interview.

Attempts to urge hold of Makamu proved fruitless as he didn’t answer his phone.

This despite his messaging on his social media pages, where he continues to share his activities, including preaching in areas around Ivory Park, Tsakane, and Alberton.

Meanwhile, Makamu stepped down on Tuesday from his duties at Moja Love after the recording went viral.

His co-host, Moshe Ndiki, will take his place until an indoor investigation into Makamu’s alleged conduct is completed.