The hot challenge between Tebogo Thobejane and Lulu Menziwa who will win?

The hot challenge between Tebogo Thobejane and Lulu Menziwa who will win?


As a toddler, Lulu Menziwa had a clear image of what she wanted in life and labored hard to make it happen. As a schoolteacher who’s certified by the state, she works for the authorities at a college in her subject. A huge part of her process is to assist and guide the subsequent technology as a way to have a good future. She’s a hero in the metropolis, and she’s simply certainly one of many folks that assist the community.

How did she cross from being a schoolteacher to being a famous style model in one of these quick quantity of time? sooner or later at some stage in her upward push to fame as one of the most famous social media influencers in the united states of america, she got here up with a brand name for herself. Social media is wherein she has quite a few fanatics, and the numbers returned it up. she or he is an professional on social media and has been a logo ambassador for numerous exclusive manufacturers within the style and beauty industries. She’s probably making quite a few money. As a commercial enterprise person, she’ll be a household name very quickly.

Lulu is a courageous lady. As an African lady, she is a notable instance of what it approach to be strong and courageous. younger people look up to her because she units an example this is very good. After she graduated from college, she went on to turn out to be a trainer at the college where she worked. one of the us of a’s great models, she went directly to strive other things. in the early degrees of her repute, a lot of humans said that what she does as a schoolteacher was inappropriate. Haters failed to stop her from going after her dreams, and now she’s living them out.

Tebogo Thobejane, better called Tebbz, is a South African actress, businesswoman, social media character, and version. they’re great friends with religion Nketsi and any other South African version who is excellent at what they do, too. The number of those who observe her on Instagram is greater than 343,000. while Tebogo turned into born on November 30, 1983, it turned into the final day of the year.

This appears to show that Tebogo became on social media, due to the fact she is buddies with one of South Africa’s most well-known humans. In South Africa, famous hair products like “Black Like Me” and “predominant” have been made by way of her past due father, Obed Thobejane. She is the daughter of him.

You might be questioning if she had achieved any appearing before. Is that proper? She went to a South African university and got a bachelor’s diploma in movie manufacturing. within the beginning, she worked as a booker for the X-thing. She did not get forged in any display till she labored for the show.

even though some of her fans had been amazed to see her on Muvhango, lots of us concept she had never been an actress earlier than, despite the fact that she played Belinda the wedding planner thoroughly.

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