The last episode of Ishushu made Mzansi laugh

The last episode of Ishushu made Mzansi laugh

One of the various entertainment networks in South Africa is called Moja Love. Contrary to others, the Siyaya Media Network-owned television takes pride in showing South African life as it is, unedited.
episode of Ishushu

Through the DStv network, Moja Love offers viewers a variety of African experiences, from love to intrigue to entertainment. In this piece, we examine the network’s various facets as well as the shows that are broadcast on the platform.

The most difficult cooking competition series on Moja Love (DStv Channel 157) is not about molecular gastronomy or haute cuisine. The competition is fiercer and the stakes are higher. Ishushu is pulling out the knives to find out who in the family makes the finest meals. It’s going to get heated in the kitchen with husbands vs. wives, sibling rivalry, best friends, daughter-in-law vs. gogo, and other heated topics!

Two chefs are invited to compete. The charming host, Dineo Ranaka, announces the challenge and displays a sample of the winning dish, while co-host The Purple Chef (Barney Jiri), who is also a chef, explains the technical requirements. The home cooks can now begin to prepare food, intimidate, and engage in verbal sparring as they do so. A close relative of the contestants makes the final decision on the dish, even though Dineo and The Purple Chef will judge the dish’s final appearance and have their say. Who could possibly evaluate the dish that says “home”?

You can find authentic South African cuisine at Ishushu Kitchen. We are so familiar with the dishes that we could argue with you about how they should be prepared. The bunny chow or kota may have been served at Harvard, or perhaps the pap was served at Harvard while the chicken feet were served at UCT, but the flavor had better come from the heart. not to mention the spice rack.

On the latest episode of ishushu we find two beautiful ladies going head to head , this caused a stir on social media with how the lady in pink looked so beautiful in her pink dress.

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