The last moments of AKA’s life in the night club, on video

The last moments of AKA’s life in the nightclub, on video

Some people who were at the same club as AKA last night have shared videos with him, this is inside a club where, when he left he was shot and killed.

In this particular video, this man was very much okay and he was celebrating together with his friends and no one could tell that he would leave us so early.

Artists should be highly protected, especially because they are valuable to the entertainment industry and these thieves and thugs who killed him should be caught by the police so that they would pay for their sins.

The police have mentioned that they are making investigations into this matter, and they will make sure that they catch the people who did this because the family is also sad and only left with hope and belief that the police in South Africa will be able to bring justice before their eyes.

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