The man who predicted the death of Mpura And Killer Kau is Goes Viral.

The man who predicted the death of Mpura And Killer Kau is Goes Viral.

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Amapiano stars Killer Kau and Mpura died on Sunday in a fatal car crash while going to Rusternburg where they were called for a gig, the pair was with two others and only one person has been identified while the other one remains unknown. The two were still young and had a lot to offer, their deaths came as a shock to a lot of South African citizens despite the fact that it was an accident which is something common. No one anticipated that such young souls will lose their lives so early before even enjoying what they have worked hard for, this has proven that life is too short and death has no age or status.

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The man with the Twitter name, Masechaba Senwedi shared tweets from April informing the pair about the accident that they will come across this year, he did not mention that it will kill them but he just kept talking about how they will be involved in an accident. After this post was revealed a fan got angry and said some people just want you dead referring to the men that predicted the death of the two young stars, people are fed up because every time someone dies there is always that one man who would claim that they predicted the death of the person who is deceased and start producing proof.

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It makes people feel like they are seeking attention because it’s easy to just tell someone on their inbox if you really mean business, you cannot just tag a celebrity on their Twitter page and expect them to even attend to you as they have a lot of people who will be doing so. Revealing your information after death doesn’t even change anything but makes matters worse because, it will seem like you just want credit for someone’s death which is up to God not any other human being.