The man with Zodwa yesterday wearing a strange ring


The man with Zodwa yesterday wearing a strange ring


Zodwa Wabantu has been candid with her followers about all aspects of her life, from her connections with Ben 10’s to her hardships as a single mother to her side hustles. She’s even taken viewers behind the scenes of her hectic life on her reality program Moja Love Uncensored.
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Zodwa is now embarking on a new chapter of her life as a “Inkosazana ya Manzi.” The dancer and club presenter has shown viewers how she is coming to terms with her spiritual journey and the implications for her future.

However, for some admirers, some details are best kept private and out of the public eye.See the source image


Zodwa shared an Instagram photo of a traditional ritual on Tuesday, 8 February. “Camagu,” she captioned it, which translates as “I promise.” Zodwa is shown in the photo performing a ritual that includes a live chicken, soup, and burning herbs.
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However, although Zodwa is often lauded for her no-nonsense demeanor, many were unimpressed or opposed to her sharing it on her social media account.

Numerous followers voiced their opinions in the comments area. “Social media is gradually eroding the beauty of African tradition, which should be revered. “Let us show reverence for spiritual matters. Certain things should be kept secret”. “This should not be made public; it is sacrosanct. Nothing is sacrosanct any more.”See the source image
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“As a spiritual kid, I never publish images of my ndumba or anything even linked to it. Yes, I have a calling, but it is not for public display, ai. I believe that such ceremonies are intended to be private.” “I feel that such things should be holy and private if they are really a calling. Once they begin to flaunt… I just know that ukuthi has devolved into a cult.”

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Meanwhile, Zodwa has voiced her wish to spend two weeks as a guest in the Big Brother Mzansi home. The seductive dancer responded to a moment in which roommates expressed their desire for the celebrity to entertain them. And Zodwa agrees, charging Big Brother Mzansi producers with the task of making their fantasy a reality.

“The housemates want Zodwa Wabantu @bigbromzansi,” she said on Instagram. I have a two-week visit scheduled at that residence. It is made possible by South Africans @bigbromzansi @bigbromzansi”.


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