‘The Masked Singer SA’: Jimmy Nevis unmasked as Boombox.


‘The Masked Singer SA’: Jimmy Nevis unmasked as Boombox.

Boombox has been unmasked as South African-singer Jimmy Nevis on the semi-final of ‘The Masked Singer South Africa’.

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South African singer Jimmy Nevis was unmasked as Boombox on the latest episode of The Masked Singer South Africa, which aired on S3 (formerly SABC 3) on Saturday 22 June.



Singer Jimmy Nevis was unmasked as Boombox on The Masked Singer South Africa semi-final this past weekend. The show has been running for the last twelve weeks with many electrifying performances. This week, only J’Something was able to hit the nail on the head with the singer.

Somizi Mhlongo, Sithelo Shozi and Skhumba Hlophe all had their wires crossed, identifying the high-voltage masked performer as Idols Season nine runner-up Brenden Praise.


Although Boombox bamboozled the entire “forensic team” during his show debut, J’Something knew it was Jimmy the second time Boombox set the stage alight. From then onwards, J’Something built his Boombox/Jimmy Nevis case round after round until the live-wire masked singer’s journey identity was finally unplugged in the semi-final.

Boombox blasted onto The Masked Singer South Africa with a baffling clue package and powerful, perfectly balanced rendition of John Legend’s Tonight.

Boombox introduced himself in a video shot in a grunge-style environment with colourful graffiti and the show’s wacky “men and ladies” spray-painting some slogans. That’s when Boombox revealed he had skyscraper dreams before lifting people off their seats, amplifying this clue by enrolling a massive construction building plan. The detectives also heard that despite mostly keeping to himself, Boombox showed off when it was time to show up.

And he did! J’Something instantly knew from how he belted out the song that Boombox was a muso. However, the construction clue and graffiti put J’Something on the wrong track. The Micasa singer then locked in comedian Donovan Goliath, who climbed the corporate ladder as an advertising art director before getting people off their seats with his jokes.

Sithelo, Skhumba and Somizi realised their first impressions of Boombox were off the mark. Despite his swag and the sound mixer on his shoulders, they concluded that Boombox was not a DJ but an introvert with an amazing voice who loved music. Sithelo chose actor Loyiso McDonald.

Somizi picked investigative journalist McFarlane Moleli, and Skhumba put forward Brenden Praise, the name Somizi and Sithelo would later latch onto.


J’Something caught Boombox’s frequency the second time he hit the stage. While performing Hold On by Drake, J’Something shouted confidently, “I know this guy!”  Being a musician himself, he recognised Boombox’s distinct tone, and from this moment onwards, all of Boombox’s clues ticked J’Something’s Jimmy Nevis boxes.

However, Skhumba and Sithelo’s analysis of the same clues pointed to Brenden Praise, and they sang from this same hymn sheet from this round until the end.

“I’m such a fan of this guy because of his tone, and his ability to write incredible music that even shines through a mask,” said J’Something.

The singer described his experience on The Masked Singer South Africa as nothing but fun.

“I mean, who doesn’t want to dress up in strange costumes and dance like you’re dancing in your room and nobody can see you?” he said.

There are still four remaining cloak-and-dagger singers who will battle it out to win the Golden Mask trophy: Blue Crane, Owl, Giraffe and Gold. Of course this means all the masks will be revealed on The Masked Singer South Africa finale.

The finale will be screened on S3 (formerly SABC3) on Saturday, 29 June  at 18:30. There will be a rebroadcast on SABC 1 on Thursdays at 21:00 and S3 on Fridays at 18:00.

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