The Ndlovus: Covid is real guys. Be careful out there

The Ndlovus: Covid is real guys. Be careful out there

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Mzansi’s favourite couple, Hungani and Stephanie Ndlovu have revealed that they tested positive for Covid19. The couple took to their YouTube channel, The Ndlovu’s Uncut, to share the unpleasant news.

“On Saturday before Mother’s Day, the Friday, I went for a shoot and managed to shoot the entire day. and therefore the Saturday I awaken with Dololo taste. It’s gone. Like I even have no taste, I even have zero smell.” Shared Stephanie. “Like absolutely nothing. Worst of all I knew there was a drag . Guys, have you ever ever smelled essential oil ? If you can’t smell eucalyptus oil, there’s a drag . So I tell Hungani on Saturday that this is often Covid.

“So Sunday, my symptoms also began to devour a touch bit. And you (Stephanie weren’t feeling good in the least . We visited test and therefore the results came back positive subsequent morning,” she added.

Hungani also visited get tested and his results came back positive. “Besides from the loss of taste and a touch little bit of the tight chest, i feel the foremost difficult thing was isolating from one another within the house. We weren’t sleeping within the same room. just about not eating within the same space. Medically that’s what recommended due to the spreading of gems.” Interjected the actor.

Steph revealed that she had the worst symptoms between the 2 . “But i feel my symptoms were worse than yours. I only had at some point once I was out and will not get out of bed. My head was spinning; my chest was extremely heavy. the remainder of the times , to me a minimum of , felt like gold. The symptom that frustrated me the foremost was the taste and therefore the smell. Guys, you’ll not appreciate certain stuff until you break down . and particularly things that you simply deem granted like your senses. “

Hungani was recently on YFM with Khutso Theledi and that they revealed that they’re family. |We are cousins and that i just want to mention that i’m so pleased with you,” said Khutso.