The Queen actor SK Khoza came out angry at the restaurant during filming


The Queen actor SK Khoza came out angry at the restaurant during filming

SK Khoza

The Queen actor SK Khoza has revealed the rationale why he hates it when people ask him questions on his famous on-screen character Shaka.

It is no secret that being a celeb are often a really daunting task as sometimes one is forced to interact with fans, and take pictures with them albeit they’re not within the mood to try to to so.

One thing we all know needless to say is that some celebs also hate being called by their acting names, but SK Khoza has revealed why he hates to be asked about Shaka.

In a tweet, the actor who plays the controversial character on The Queen slammed people that don’t respect their customers. SK said he hates to be asked about his character then people fail to deliver what he has ordered.

“Nothing makes me mad like people that specialise in asking me questions on Shaka while I order food and when the food gets to me, they did the entire opposite of what I asked. Hayi maan respects your damn customers.”

The television star recently hogged the headlines after videos of him at an alleged s.e.x party went viral on social media.

The clips caused quite stir on the web and left his fans disappointed. In an apology, he issued on Twitter, SK said his actions were unacceptable “My actions were unacceptable, i urge for forgiveness. I take full responsibility, especially at a time we are faced with a significant pandemic. I should have made better decisIons. i want to try to to better. To everyone I even have disappointed and hurt, i’m truly sorry.” he wrote.

SK Khoza


The actor apologized to his family, fans, and to his disgraced employers The Fergusons “Inappropriate video images of myself were leaked online and that i would really like to profusely apologize to my family, friends, employers, and fans for embarrassing them and myself. I even have put @Shona_Ferguson (FergusonFilms), my family, and @Mzansimagic during a position I totally regret,” he said.

The social media streets continued to mock him however, consistent with an expert who talked with Sowetan Live, said SK Khoza may be a victim of revenge p)rn.

Hannes Bouwer of Cavanagh & Richards Attorneys has it that the Films and Publications Amendment Bill states that,

“If the person is/can be identified within the publication [a person found guilty will get a] fine not exceeding R300,000 or imprisonment not exceeding four years or both,“.